Get THIS Strategy For Optimum Engagement, Growth, and Profits!

Marketing is changing.  With technology it changes at a rate that is almost hard to keep up with.  But do you know what never changes?

Basic human nature.

And basic human nature dictates, that people will do long term business and pay for a higher quality of service or product based on the trust and relationship that they have with you.

Don’t you want that?  To be a “relationship marketer” vs. a “transaction marketer?  Someone who hangs onto their clients.  Someone with a reputation for taking care of their clients and delivering a great quality service.

And when you create a business based on relationships you will engage with a higher quality or client and get more repeat and referral business.

Now, one of the easiest ways to engage with prospects and build their trust in you is a marketing concept that is not new to marketers.  In fact, one of the Godfathers of Direct Response Marketing, David Ogilvy, was teaching the concept 50+ years ago.

Basically the strategy is to give away a ton of value for free to your target prospects.  This in turn gains their trust, and engages them with you, so you can begin to create a long-term business relationship with them.

Joe Polish created the easiest way to do this for professional cleaners with his  “Free Room Strategy”, a strategy that he started with in 1992, but that is still working just as well today as it did 20+ years ago.

Why does this strategy work so well?  What makes it timeless in a digital world of ever-changing marketing?

Because it’s giving away a “sample” of your very best…for free.  And as I stated in the beginning, basic human nature never changes.  When you give away a free sample, you build trust and engage with your clients and prospects in a way that no other media can come close to beating.

The reason the free room of cleaning has been so successful for cleaners all over the world for so many years is by giving away something of value for free, you attract more clients and prospects to your business.  You educate people and create relationships.  You provide value and service, all before they even have to risk one of their dollars on you.  That in turn, gains the trust of your prospect.  As a result?  A good majority will realize what you have to offer is pretty, darn good and they become a client.

It’s a simple, tested, proven and timeless strategy.

So are you doing it?

It really is one of THE most valuable tools in your marketing “tool belt” when it comes to the Before Unit of your business.

And if you are using the “Free Room” Strategy correctly, it is the most targeted, easy, ethical, cost effective and profitable way to build your clientele.

What more can you ask for in a marketing strategy?

When people question the effectiveness of the Free Room, it’s only because they either haven’t tried it, or they haven’t done it correctly.

Thousands of professional cleaners around the world are using the Free Room Strategy today and having massive success with it.  Many of my members say it’s the foundation of what they build their front-end sales on.

Here is a run-down of how to successfully use the Free Room strategy in your business today.

#1)  The Right Target. Don’t deliver this offer to a group of homes or apartments that are not your ideal client.  Hand-pick specific neighborhoods/areas where you know the your ideal clients reside.  For a carpet cleaning business this is usually an area that contains lots of homeowners that will be happy to invest in the quality and service you provide.  (Hopefully you are providing “Five Star” service, so take your offer to people who want to pay for five star service.)

#2)  The Right Message.  Use one of the Rich Cleaner System’s proven, timeless Free Room letters.  Or use another tested version that many successful members have happily shared through the Rich Cleaner System which can be found in the online portal for Elite Cleaners (members only.)  If you aren’t a member, adhere closely to the principals of Direct Response Marketing.

#3)  The Right Time.  If you deliver this letter during a holiday week, when there is a national event (like Super bowl) or a massive storm hitting the area, you just aren’t going to get a great response.  It’s not rocket science, a lot of it is just common sense.  Timing can also be about getting this offer to someone right before they buy/sell a house (via your relationship with realtors), when they buy new furniture (relationships with high-end furniture stores) when someone is going to have a baby, (relationships with OBGYN’s). You see where I’m going with this?

See how it comes down to this simple formula? Right Market + Right message+ Right Time = Marketing Success

Of course, a huge part of the success of this offer depends on what you are delivering.  Are you a quality cleaner that does an awesome job?  Do you  guarantee your work and offer tremendous value for your clients?  Also, part of the success of this strategy is offering the Free Carpet Audit™ which creates tremendous value, builds relationships and asks for a sale, in a very cool, no pressure way of course.  After all, people love to be sold, they just hate to be pressured.

One more thing to remember when using this offer, you’re providing a valuable free service, and you’re in control of the offer, not your clients.  So, you control your schedule and the amount of free stuff you give away, that way you can give away big value and grow your business while still keeping your days profitable.  (i.e. you might need to limit yourself to 3 Free Rooms per week, depending on how busy you are.)

The opportunities for leveraging this concept of giving away massive value for free in your business are endless.   I really hope you are taking advantage of the strategy for offering a Free Room of Cleaning and focusing on relationship marketing while you grow an E.L.F. business!

I’m going to leave you with a quote from advertising great and master copywriter David Ogilvy who summed it up best when he said…

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of it’s advertising, not it’s form.” – David Ogilvy,

I wish you the best!

Joel Cohen

Piranha Marketing, Inc.

P.S.  Listen to this Rich Cleaner podcast with special guests who’s Carpet Cleaning business is at $1 million per year (WITHOUT restoration), Len Hume and Annette Marchionda at and discover all the secrets to using this Free Room Strategy.  You’ll see how you can use this exact strategy to see exponential growth in your business right now!



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A Little Implementation Goes A Long Way

I get to talk to cleaners from all over the country, even some in other countries, and see what’s working for them.  And guess what works better than anything?


Of course, you’ve got to have the right strategies to implement, like the ones you get from Rich Cleaner and the Elite Group.  But once you have those at your disposal, all it takes is some implementation to really see exponential growth in your business.

But do you know what happens at times?  I talk to people who seem to wrap all their expectations into one single marketing campaign, or one single marketing medium and forget that their marketing is a process, not an event.

Marketing is not one ad, one letter, or one website.  It’s not one of anything.

It’s multi-layered, multi-faceted…a process, not an event.

You can’t expect to fire off one marketing piece or campaign and that’s it the cash will keep rolling in.  It’s the process of consistent implementation that creates exponential results.

I just interviewed Tim Copsey, a carpet cleaner who was generous enough to share his time and experiences with you and me.   Remember, the quickest path to progress is to follow the proven path of success of someone else.

Tim and his father have been working together, implementing direct response marketing strategies from the Rich Cleaner System for about the last 3 years.  As a result, they have taken a 25 year old company that was struggling to pay the bills, to having multiple successes in upping cash flow and really getting those great, clients they always wanted to target, you know the kinds of clients who are willing to pay more for quality and use and refer your company over and over again.  In fact, Tim reports that they have nearly doubled their first quarter’s earning this year over last.

And this is a direct result of consistent, diligent implementation of just 3 of the Rich Cleaner strategies.

And Tim is in a small town with lots of stiff competition.  His story is proof positive that marketing is a process, not an event and that a little implementation goes a long way.  (For all the details from Tim, including exactly which 3 strategies have transformed his business, listen to this awesome interview with him at our free Rich Cleaner Podcast here.)

You’ve got access to so many awesome, proven strategies through Rich Cleaner and Elite, you just need to create a plan to implement consistently and you’re golden.

Remember, your plans don’t have to be perfect.  But no marking plan is effective without action.  Your marketing process needs to be executed to work, and it needs to be executed TODAY.  Not next week.  Not next month.    Remember a little implementation goes along way!  Check out my latest free podcast and interview with successful cleaner Tim Copsey here:

Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing, Inc.

PS.  Be sure to check out my free EDDM webinar here!  It gives you free access to a strategy that could bring in a steady stream of higher paying clients.  And it’s super easy to implement.



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The 80/20 Rule…Make Way More Money for LESS Effort

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule?  It’s a concept that is rooted in economics, but you don’t have to be an economics major to “get this”.  You see, it’s been proven that in business, 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients.

Wow.  That’s major.  Because that means if you focus your efforts on really engaging and nurturing your business relationships with that 20% group, your results will be exponential.

Identifying the 20%

Now you can try to actually create a 20% list, by doing a little detective work.  If you are an ace at tracking your marketing sources, then you should be able to pull a list together of the people in your database who use you the most frequently, who refer to you most often, and who invest in the most services.

But even if you can’t quite dial in this 20% of your clients by filtering a list, then you can still communicate with them by keeping in great communication with all of your clients.  And guess what?  By default, your top 20% of your clients will start to emerge as they buy more frequently, refer more often, and invest more money in more of your services.

Are You Engaging?

Let’s face it, today your clients, even your top 20% are living in what some marketers refer to as a “marketing fog”.

What does that mean?

Your clients are bombarded by marketing and sales messages 24/7.  Online and offline, billboards, snail mail, email, TV, movies, streaming, apps, computers, tablets, cellphones all hurling marketing messages at you and your clients.

Everywhere you turn there is a message saying “buy” and people are getting better and better at tuning it out.

So if you want to be successful at your marketing, you have to get really good at cutting through this haze and grabbing their attention.

Rules Of Engagement

But don’t worry.  There are ways that you can successfully reach out to your marketplace and engage them.  Here are a few ideas:

Rule #1:  Keep it personal.  Whether it’s your email or your snail mail which ones ALWAYS get opened?  The personal ones right?

So the classic hand written envelope with a live stamp trumps a bulk mail piece every time.  But what about your email?  Think about this, you might have hundreds of emails in your inbox but you always scan through and find the ones from your friends and those are the ones that get 100% open rate.

So when you communicate with your prospects and clients via email, keep it personal looking, send it from your personal account.  (Unless they are expecting correspondence from your company.)

Think about the subject line of your email.  What do your friends write in the subject line when they email you?  Sometimes it’s a simple “hey :)” or it might be a lead in like “dinner this week end”.  And rarely do your friends capitalize their subject lines…it’s all in the details when you’re trying to cut through “marketing fog.”

Rule#2:  Create A Dialogue.  Maybe your clients and prospects are tuning out as many advertising and sales messages as they can…but you know what they are doing?  Engaging in dialogues.  Through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr and more people are engaging with each other.

So engage your clients and do it in a way that follows the classic advice of copywriting great Robert Collier, “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

You can create this engagement through social media, just remember using social media to promote your business is a delicate dance because people don’t want to be “sold” through social media.

So you have to have restraint and only use social media as a tool, a “hook” to engage someone to take the next step and contact you.  Example, use your Facebook page to post a picture of your happy client (with his/her permission of course), then post, “Just cleaned for another awesome client!  If you’re friends with (client’s name) and are a homeowner that’s never tried my service you get a free room of carpet cleaning worth $XX”  You can put your number in there too.  Then “tag” the client in the photo so all his/her friends see the post in their news feed.  Engagement.

Or you can try Dean Jackson’s “Magic 9 Word Email” for stellar results.  You simply put the clients name in the subject line and the body of the email says “Are you still interested in getting your carpets cleaned?”  Don’t even sign it, just send it as described and you will create engagement.

Another way to engage people is through surveys.  Create simple surveys using  a tool like Survey Monkey to get your clients and prospects in a dialogue with you.  Through carefully crafted surveys you can find out all your prospects fears, wants and desires, you can even find out who your top 20% really are.  And then  you can answer those by creating valuable solutions for those fears, wants and desires.

But one of the best ways to create engagement, is through a monthly newsletter.  A well crafted monthly newsletter, like the done-for-you newsletter we provide through Piranha, is a surefire way to engage with your top 20% month after month.  In fact, when you implement this tool consistently you will be surprised at how much your repeat and referral business will grow as the 80/20 rule proves itself through this tool of massive engagement.

Rule #3:  Stop Trying To Convince Your Clients To Call You…Instead Compel Them To Call You…

If you “pay attention” to the dialogue from your clients will know how to compel them.  If you’re a professional cleaner, the Rich Cleaner Systems Free Room Offer is the most compelling offer you can make to your clients.  And when done right, and with stellar service and ethics it can make you a ton of money.

What else can you do to compel instead of convince?  Look at areas in your business where you can deliver a powerful, valuable result to your client before you even ask for a sale, and you’ll be a stand out in your market.

Another way to compel your top 20% to respond to your marketing efforts is by creating wow experiences for them and really taking the time to give them recognition for their loyalty and referrals.  This can be as simple as leaving behind an thank you gift, sending hand written thank you notes in the mail, or mailing Starbucks gift cards to thank them when they refer a new client. Or you can take it to the next level and host a client appreciation event at the venue of your choice once per year.  There have been many of our members who have seen HUGE returns on their investment into a client appreciation event done right.

The bottom line is this, if you approach your marketing knowing about the 80/20 rule, and if you work on engaging your clients by being that person that really wants to help people out and not just a company out to sell something and be on your way, then that’s when you’ll cut through that marketing fog, and engage your top 20% again and again, in turn 80% of your income will flourish.  You can’t argue with the laws of economics.

Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing



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