Avoid “How much do you charge?” Phone calls

Posted: August 8th, 2013 under Business Building, Business Success, Expert, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Restoration Marketing.

Here’s a way to use your advertising to weed out 99% of price-shopper calls and let your ad do the MAJORITY of the convincing for you!

This Is A Quick List of the Ten Most Important Elements
to Any Good Marketing Piece.
  1. HEADLINE: Use an attention-getting, benefit-driven message. Solve your prospect’s biggest challenge in using a carpet cleaning service
  2. WHO YOU ARE: The prospect needs to see proof of your humanness in your copy. Also a great way to convey this is with a picture of the owner – as long as it conveys integrity and good work ethic.
  3. WHY I SHOULD BELIEVE YOU: Credibility, Experience. Also explain WHY these credentials are important for any cleaner to have
  4. WHO SAYS SO: Use as many testimonials as possible. Include pictures of these people as well as a link to other REAL reviews of your company.
  5. BIG PROMISE: Show them the result of you solving their challenges. example: “Your friends will swear you’ve bought new carpets after we clean for you!”
  6. DRAMA: Before and After pictures, or pictures of you and/or your happy clients.
  7. GUARANTEE(S): example: “You pay only if you’re pleased.” Make it strong. you’ll gain FAR more clients with a bold guarantee than you risk by offering this.
  8. OFFER: “Call me” isn’t an offer. A free room, free bottle of spotter or a free Carpet Audit is.
  9. DEADLINE: In most cases, if you do not have a deadline, or you do not have something your prospect will “miss out” on if they do not act now, your offer is not complete.
  10. ALTERNATE MEANS OF RESPONSE: A less threatening way to get the eventual sale.Example: “Not ready to clean now?”, “Call our FREE consumers message,” or “Email us for a copy of our guide to choosing a carpet cleaning company!”


Using these elements in your all of your advertising (flyers, digital ads, website, etc) will begin to get you more qualified phone prospects so you can spend less time convincing people over the phone.

Joel Cohen – Piranha Marketing, Inc






  1. Thanks for these major tips on marketing ads. Many cleaning business owners need to take note on these rules. The direct response message outline explained is very concise and clear to use for any cleaning business. I will keep these in mind for consulting with cleaning business owners to give them good direction when advertising online or offline.

    Comment by Jeff Esparsa — November 14, 2013 @ 9:13 pm

  2. Thank you for the tips! It is great that your website helps the small cleaning companies to develop their marketing strategy.

    Comment by Rosie — November 25, 2013 @ 9:49 am

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