A Little Implementation Goes A Long Way

Posted: June 4th, 2015 under Motivation & Acceleration.

I get to talk to cleaners from all over the country, even some in other countries, and see what’s working for them.  And guess what works better than anything?


Of course, you’ve got to have the right strategies to implement, like the ones you get from Rich Cleaner and the Elite Group.  But once you have those at your disposal, all it takes is some implementation to really see exponential growth in your business.

But do you know what happens at times?  I talk to people who seem to wrap all their expectations into one single marketing campaign, or one single marketing medium and forget that their marketing is a process, not an event.

Marketing is not one ad, one letter, or one website.  It’s not one of anything.

It’s multi-layered, multi-faceted…a process, not an event.

You can’t expect to fire off one marketing piece or campaign and that’s it the cash will keep rolling in.  It’s the process of consistent implementation that creates exponential results.

I just interviewed Tim Copsey, a carpet cleaner who was generous enough to share his time and experiences with you and me.   Remember, the quickest path to progress is to follow the proven path of success of someone else.

Tim and his father have been working together, implementing direct response marketing strategies from the Rich Cleaner System for about the last 3 years.  As a result, they have taken a 25 year old company that was struggling to pay the bills, to having multiple successes in upping cash flow and really getting those great, clients they always wanted to target, you know the kinds of clients who are willing to pay more for quality and use and refer your company over and over again.  In fact, Tim reports that they have nearly doubled their first quarter’s earning this year over last.

And this is a direct result of consistent, diligent implementation of just 3 of the Rich Cleaner strategies.

And Tim is in a small town with lots of stiff competition.  His story is proof positive that marketing is a process, not an event and that a little implementation goes a long way.  (For all the details from Tim, including exactly which 3 strategies have transformed his business, listen to this awesome interview with him at our free Rich Cleaner Podcast here.)

You’ve got access to so many awesome, proven strategies through Rich Cleaner and Elite, you just need to create a plan to implement consistently and you’re golden.

Remember, your plans don’t have to be perfect.  But no marking plan is effective without action.  Your marketing process needs to be executed to work, and it needs to be executed TODAY.  Not next week.  Not next month.    Remember a little implementation goes along way!  Check out my latest free podcast and interview with successful cleaner Tim Copsey here:


Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing, Inc.

PS.  Be sure to check out my free EDDM webinar here!  It gives you free access to a strategy that could bring in a steady stream of higher paying clients.  And it’s super easy to implement.



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