The Silver Bullet that Doubles Your Business! (Part 2)

Posted: September 21st, 2016 under Business Success, Carpet Cleaner Marketing, Expert, Restoration Marketing.

(Part 2) The Silver Bullet that Doubles Your Business!
Episode #036 Featuring Joel Cohen, and Joe Polish

  • What is the “Silver Bullet” and how realistic is it to think that one thing can double your business in 120 days?!
  • This only works IF you __________. This is something you absolutely need in order to get your business income to double. Hint: It’s not something you can get from us – but we can help you to do it!
  • A tried and true blueprint for you to follow in when using your Silver Bullet that doubles your income in 120 days!.

Episode Links/references:

Get your template of the postcard discussed in Episode 36!

Is Selling Evil? – Whiteboard animation:



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