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A School for Entrepreneurs that Pays You to Attend™

What Exactly Is Piranha Marketing?

Piranha Marketing is a company that provides knowledge products, marketing tools, robotic selling systems, and training to entrepreneurs seeking to create an ELF Business™ – easy, lucrative, and fun.

We refer to ourselves as “a school for entrepreneurs that pays you to attend” because if you implement our turnkey tools, systems, and strategies your return on investment will dramatically overshadow any investment you ever make with us.

Joe Polish, the brilliant marketing mind behind this company, has facilitated the resources that have helped thousands of service and retail businesses all over the world. These “students” have ranged from small one man operations to large multi-national corporations.

Through the combination of education-based marketing systems and experiential packaging, Piranha Marketing has enabled business owners in commoditized price-focused industries (such as carpet cleaning) to excel. The strategies we provide robotically attract the best clients to pay top dollar for our members’ high quality products and services.

What Resources Does Piranha Marketing Provide?


Piranha Marketing knowledge products provide in depth marketing wisdom and strategies to ensure every single dollar spent on marketing generates a trackable return. Our “Piranha Marketing” program through pioneering audio products creator Nightingale Conant, has been their #1 selling marketing program for the past three years. This program has a general business focus that applies to all types of service and retail product industries.

Our best-selling “Rich Cleaner System” for carpet cleaners has been converted and licensed to a dozen other service industries, and the simple systems and strategies have easily been modeled and implemented by clients into scores of industries ranging from pest control to health care to home remodeling to accounting to office supply retailers.

Joe Polish’s Genius Network™ Interview series includes in-depth discussions with experts and best-selling authors in all aspects of marketing, sales, hiring, business growth systems, and personal development.


On-going training is provided in two formats – distance learning and in-person. The monthly Piranha Marketing Coaching calls address marketing and business growth strategies in depth, and monthly Call-in Days allow entrepreneurs to ask their questions for Joe Polish to answer.

The annual Piranha Marketing Rich Cleaner Conference brings a who’s-who of trainers to Arizona to enhance the skills and success of the entrepreneurs who travel to this 3-day live event. Past presenters have ranged from entrepreneurial icons such as billionaire Sir Richard Branson to marketing icons such as Joe Sugarman and John Carlton, to numerous best-selling authors – Dr. Edward Hallowell (CrazyBusy), David Bach (The Automatic Millionaire), Bill Phillips (Body for Life), Timothy Ferriss (The Four Hour Work Week) and many others. Past events are available on DVD.


Piranha Marketing provides two levels of in-person marketing mastermind programs. Platinum Plus is applicable to the carpet cleaning niche as well as other service businesses who are looking to improve their company’s growth. This program incorporates a curriculum of business building and marketing training at quarterly meetings held in Arizona. Throughout the year monthly teleconference coaching calls and an interactive forum delivers additional training for professional and personal growth. ($15,000/year, by application only)

Piranha Marketing also facilitates an elite marketing mastermind for highly successful entrepreneurs who are seeking an innovative group to brainstorm and network with. This Genius Network Elite meets three times a year for 2-day meetings with some of the top marketing and business minds on the planet. ($25,000/year, by referral only)


Joe Polish does occasionally provide one-on-one marketing consulting services, depending on his interest in the industry and his schedule. Consulting rates are $20,000/day or at $3,000/hr (a two hour minimum is required). More information on hiring Joe Polish for consulting can be found at www.hirejoepolish.com, and testimonials from clients can be found at www.joepolish.com/testimonials.

Who Would Benefit From Piranha?

Any entrepreneur seeking proven marketing strategies and systems to grow their company would benefit from Piranha Marketing. Our core niche of carpet cleaning is the ideal testing ground for all of our systems because this is a service that no one wants to buy. No one wakes up excited about buying carpet cleaning services, yet our members have been able to get the highest prices, create the happiest clients, and create highly successful companies in an industry that is heavily commoditized.

If Piranha can do this for carpet cleaning, then if an entrepreneur has anything remotely more attractive to consumers than “carpet cleaning” our systems will be wildly successful for them as well. We’ve proven our methods in one of the most difficult industries out there.

Some of our websites:

www.JoePolish.com – Piranha Marketing home page

www.HireJoePolish.com – Joe Polish consulting services

www.GeniusNetwork.com – Joe Polish interview series

www.JoePolish.com/testimonials – Clients share their stories

www.GeniusNetworkMastermind.com – High level entrepreneur mastermind

www.CenturionMastermind.com – Mastermind trip to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

Email general questions/inquiries to support@joepolish.com.

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One of the most frustrating, time-consuming, and often costly challenges of running a business & turning ideas into profits is finding the right/best contacts, vendors, resources, and information. The goal of this Online Million Dollar Rolodex is to list those I rely on repeatedly, have personally found most valuable or that have come to me with the highest of recommendations”.

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Run Your Business and Life Smarter, Smoother and More Profitably! Over the course of his 12-year career as a direct response marketing expert, Joe Polish has had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the top business strategy experts on the planet. The wisdom and knowledge he gained from them was truly priceless! The Genius Network was created so that Joe could pass all of the exclusive business genius how-to business secrets he learned on to other entrepreneurs who would benefit from them.

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Thousands of business owners worldwide are successfully using Joe’s strategies. Joe has received hundreds of testimonials and Testimonials from those he has coached, from his colleagues and from some of the world’s most savvy marketing experts.

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