Local Businesses KILL IT with Every Door Direct Mail

How Carpet Cleaners Can Get Tons of New High-End Customers Using E.D.D.M...(EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL)

If you haven’t heard of the Post Office’s Easy, CHEAP, & Effective Way – Only $.16 per Piece! – To Get Your Message Delivered To The Best Prospects…you are missing out on some serious potential.

And, even if you’ve “tried it” and gotten some measure of success, you might want to take a look into doing it the ‘direct response marketing’ kind of way.  We are  hosting a webinar that gives away some of these awesome techniques along with a proven example EDDM marketing piece that you can take to the bank!

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  • Exactly what Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is – and how it can be used as a powerful tool for attracting high-end customers!
  • The exact blueprint for creating an EDDM piece that will get you the MAXIMUM response – without this you’ll get only mediocre results…
  • How to pick the right size EDDM piece, the right zones to send it, and step-by-step how to get the whole process done!
  • DONE FOR YOU! You don’t have to become a marketing expert…We’ll GIVE you a PROVEN, tried-&-true EDDM marketing piece that is working like gangbusters for everyone that tries it!

See you on the webinar!

Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing, Inc.


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Planning For 2014 The RIGHT Way Will Make It Your Best Year Ever!

When it comes to planning your next year, copying the techniques that ultra-successful entrepreneurs use will help you get results like them!

In this post I’ve put together a compilation of some of the best planning strategies that successful entrepreneurs use to achieve their above average results.

By reading and applying the techniques shared here on this blog you’ll have  the tools you need to plan out your next year giving you the highest probability of success.  Even if you feel you already have a good handle on how to plan for next year, spending a few minutes looking over and applying these suggestions will virtually guarantee your success in reaching your goals.

And if you’re one of those that has trouble staring at a blank page and coming up with a plan, this will be an absolute godsend!

First Things First…Avoid The “I Don’t Have Time” To Plan Mistake

Face it.  As a business owner you have to wear many hats to make your business work.  The reality is that with all the tasks needed just making your business run, there is little or no time left in the day for planning.  That’s why it’s important that you MAKE the time and steal it away from all the tasks that consume your everyday affairs.  If you wait until you actually have some spare time, planning will never happen.

Make no mistake, stealing away the time to make a solid plan for your success can easily be one of the most profitable activities in your business.  Do not second guess this!  Case studies show time and again the hours spent on focused planning can be traced back to the reason for an increase in revenues.  Plus, it can be a really simple process when you have the right tools available to make your planning session a success.

Just the opposite, putting off planning leaves you with just a vague idea of what you want and makes it nearly impossible to achieve the results you desire and deserve.

Look at the current way you plan and ask yourself, “Will my results be different next year if I continue to take the same actions I always take?”

Einstein’s definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So get ready to take some different actions in your planning and expect to get way different (and better) results!

 Step 1 – Determine Where To Focus Your Efforts

First, make a list of the top few things you did last year that you considered a success. This process clearly reveals areas in which you’ll want to focus when it comes to next year’s efforts and it brings to light certain successes that you may have forgotten about.  All too often we do something successful one time and then move on and forget to KEEP doing that technique. Plan on ways to multiply or increase what’s already working.  You’ll get the fastest and easiest results by focusing here!

Next, make a list of the things you did that did NOT work.  It’s equally important that you identify these things.  Joe Polish emphasizes and teaches this to all of the high-level entrepreneurs that attend his $25K per year membership, the Genius Network Mastermind group.  Having a NOT to do list is equally as valuable as a TO-DO list because it prevents you from wasting needless time on things that are not moving you toward achieving your goals.

Lastly, make a list of new ideas and strategies that you’d like to attempt to put into place over the next year.  Start with the ideas that have the most potential to increase your bottom line.  It’s best to limit your new ideas so they fit onto one page.  This keeps you focused on what truly has the best potential and will keep you from getting overwhelmed trying to accomplish too many things at once.

Now that you’ve made your lists and it’s clear where you’ll be focusing your efforts, it’s time to plan exactly how you’ll accomplish them!

Step 2 – Creating Achievable “Mini” Goals

At this point you should have a solid, high-level overview of things you want to accomplish over the next year.  But there is more to it than just having these large “End-Goals” written down.

Big goals can be intimidating and can create overwhelm which is the enemy that will keep you from reaching your ideals.  To conquer “overwhelm” and ensure you successfully reach what you’ve set out to accomplish, you’ll need to break down your larger goals into smaller tasks that are easy to achieve and that edge you ever closer to your main goal.

By breaking down your larger goals into smaller, easy-to-reach goals that support your main goal, you can easily see your progress as it breaks down into weeks, days, and even hours.  Completing these smaller goals will give you a sense of accomplishment along the way and keep you motivated to continue toward your larger goal.

After you’ve broken down your large goals into mini-goals you should now have a realistic estimate on the amount of time it will take to reach them.  It’s important to write down on your calendar the dates that you’ll have each goal achieved.  This will help immensely when it comes to keeping your goals on track.  Set your dates so that they are reachable, but not with so much room to play that you’d feel comfortable procrastinating the tasks that will help you reach them.

 Step 3 – You’ve Planned Your Work, Now Work The Plan

Here is where you’ll need to be diligent about how you spend your time.

If you’ve planned out your goals using the techniques in this post, then you’ll have clearly defined what activities each hour, day, and week will be the most important.  Guard your time!  As you run your business, you’ll be faced with all the necessary day-to-day tasks that will completely fill your schedule if you let them.  Be proactive about BUYING OUT time from these necessary tasks.

Think about it this way.  If you wanted to take off an hour or two on any given day during the week for some sort of recreation you enjoy, as the owner of the business you make it happen right?  Well the same vigor with which you scheduled your personal time can be applied to scheduling out select times to work on your mini-goals.

Doing this will pay off…BIG TIME!

Step 4 – Make Your Path Public

When you let others know what your goals are it helps motivate you to reach them.  You’ll have the additional support of your peers and all those who know your goal.  It’s like having a team rally to support your efforts.

Here is the first way you can make your path public…Comment below and share with the world what you’ll be accomplishing in your business next year!

It’ll be great to come back to this post next year and see how many of you reached the goals you write below!

Happy planning,

Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing, Inc




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Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing, Inc.
17-year Carpet Cleaning Veteran


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