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Access Master Teachers and Teachings for Moving
Beyond Addiction and Thriving in Life

Addiction is one of the biggest issues we face today. I’ve struggled with chemical and behavioral addictions my whole life.

To give you a background of where I started, it was in high school during my junior and senior years. I had a terrible drug addiction. At 18 years old, in my worst state, I weighed 105 pounds from freebasing cocaine daily for three and a half months straight. To save my life, I had to move away and live in a trailer for two years with my father in Las Cruces, New Mexico. During that time I changed my environment, all my relationships, and I got a job working in a health club selling gym memberships. I started exercising and eating better, I started taking some classes at New Mexico State University, and eventually got a job working in a mental hospital where I would drive alcoholics and drug addicts to twelve-step meetings and sit in on those meetings.

Now, I’m in long-term recovery. When you connect with the right information and right people, it can transform your life.

My friend Tommy Rosen is the founder of Recovery 2.0, and I’m going to be part of the 7th Recovery 2.0 Online Conference taking place September 14-18, which is in the middle of National Recovery Month.

There’s a lineup of 25 presenters, including myself, sharing how to move beyond addiction and live a great life. I share things during my conversation with Tommy that I’ve never shared before publicly. During this free online conference, you have the opportunity to discover how to have a better relationship with yourself, with others, with food, with money, with your body, mind and more.

Again, the conference is totally free and you can register here:

You may be active in addiction and wanting to heal. You may be working in the recovery field. You may have a loved one suffering from addiction and you want to help them out. You may be very confused about what addiction is and how one treats it. No matter where you are, the Recovery 2.0 Conference is something you should register for.

It’s online, it’s free and it can really help you and the people you care about:

Tommy Rosen’s interview  with me on Recovery 2.0 will air for 24 hours on the opening day of the conference Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 6am PST.

Be sure to check it out:

Joe Polish recovery 2.0 online conference

Hear Joe Polish Speak on addiction recovery

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How To Create “Bankable Results” Through Education Based Marketing

What 99.9% Of Small Business Owners Have Been Doing That Does NOT Work.

Really, when you look at advertising of small businesses, including most of the other carpet cleaners, restorers, air duct cleaners, etc. in your area, you’ll find most people are all doing the same thing. It was what I had been doing, and I’ll bet it’s what you’ve been doing to advertise your business.

Most people put out “professional looking” advertisements, mailer coupons, flyers, websites, business cards, postcards, and yellow page ads that all follow a similar formula. This “formula” is generally what I call “name, rank and serial number” advertising, or “image advertising.”

“Image based” ads generally have a nice picture or two. These ads showcase your company name and logo and usually give some bullet points, or features, about your company. These “features” include a list of services offered and statements like “Satisfaction Guaranteed” or “We’ve Been In Business For 15 Years”. Next, image ads usually have your phone number in big bold print. Maybe there is a coupon on there for a discount or a blurb advertising a low-price offer. “Image based” ads are usually have plenty of “white space” in the ad. Sound familiar?

Check out this ad, it’s typical “image advertising”, the kind of advertising 99.9% of businesses do that DOES NOT get good results:


Now you can see what I mean when I say “name, rank, and serial number” image-based advertising. That’s how I advertised my business, when I was going broke. You see, I was simply following the same “formula” all the other small businesses in my area followed. The “formula” of image advertising, and my ads did squat to make me any real money.

In fact, I remember dropping around $700 on a coupon-type mailer and getting 3 phone calls and 1 job for about $80.00. And you know what the so-called “ad experts” at the coupon company told me? “Oh, you need to ‘get your name out there.’ It takes about five to six times before people start recognizing your ad. You just need to build name-recognition.”

Okay, so the ad people wanted me to invest $3,500 of my advertising dollars, on the theory that “Mrs. Jones” would see my ad for the 5th time and suddenly say “Oh I should call him now I’ve seen this ad 5 times.”

It simply doesn’t work like that in the real world. It works out nicely for the people selling those ads, but not so good for you and I. That is way too much money to invest on the chance you’ll get a measly job or two.

And I didn’t have deep enough pockets to “get my name out there.” Do you?

“Image based” advertising, branding and building “name recognition” is for giant companies with huge advertising budgets like McDonalds, Coke and Chevy. Those companies have spent BILLIONS on ad campaigns to make themselves household names. But what about us “little guys”?

You and I both know from experience that this type of “image based” selling of our carpet cleaning services simply does NOT work.
Do You Know What The Definition Of Insanity Is?

It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

And when it came to advertising my carpet cleaning business, it was when I stopped doing what everyone else was doing that I finally made money. Lots of money.

So, the first step toward success is to stop wasting money on advertising that clearly does not work. Instead, funnel your efforts into the real secret behind making a lot of money in the carpet cleaning business.

Get ready. Next article I will post a little gem you need to grasp on your way to uber success…

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The Real Reason People Buy From You

I’m going to guess that there are dozens of professional carpet cleaners in your area…so what is it that makes a prospect choose you?

To tell you the truth, if you’re not strategically marketing your business, chances are you’re getting randomly chosen through online searches. Of course, some of your prospects probably hear about you from word of mouth, or maybe your van was in the right place at the right time…

But is that really how you want to build your business? Do you just want to leave it all up to luck and chance? Or would your prefer to keep getting random calls and add a winning strategy? Wouldn’t you love a system of strategies that guarantee a steady flow of high paying customers, no matter what time of year it is?

I will tell you one thing, the most successful professional cleaners and restorers don’t just sit around waiting for their phone to ring…no, they have a plan and they have strategy. But most importantly, they know how to craft ads and marketing campaigns that get response.

“But I’ve tried running ads they are a waste of money…”

We’ve heard that one a lot over the past 21 years. I have even experienced it in the past, before I knew how to market my business. And yes, ads can be a total waste of time and money IF you don’t know what you’re doing. To get a person to buy from YOU, over those dozens of other cleaners in your town, takes two things engagement and education.

If you can put those two factors into your marketing plans you will find you are winning because you have control over your schedule and your income.

How is this done?

For starters each ad you create needs to follow this formula:

  • Attention Getting Headline
  • Compelling (Interesting Copy)
  • Build Value by explaining why you are different
  • Make A Clear, Irresistible Offer
  • Have A Call To Action
  • Expiration Date/Sense of Urgency
  • Testimonials
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Your Contact Information

Apply these factors to all your advertising, in that order, and you’ll see your ad response jump and your business can be transformed.

Build value, educate, and engage your audience and you will find that not only are you busier, but you can charge higher prices. This is because the price you get is always based on perceived value of what your customer is paying for, nothing else.

And education based marketing gives you the power to build extreme value in the eyes of your clients and prospects while at the same time engaging them in a relationship with your company through compelling words.

And with social media it’s easier than ever to really engage with your clients and grow a loyal following.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find people are choosing YOU because you educated and engaged with them on a level that your competition doesn’t!

For more information, and to go deeper on how to get people to choose your company, over your competition, check out this free video series: (click “access free videos” at the top of the page)

Here’s to your success,

Joel Cohen
Piranha Marketing, Inc.

P.S. In the free video series on marketing I explain how to create a plan for your business that will keep you as busy as you want PLUS charge higher prices…be sure to check it out!

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