How You Can Really Make Money With Facebook…

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately…with their Initial Public Offering people are speculating Facebook could potentially create thousands of millionaires overnight.

But I’m not here to talk about how to make money buying Facebook stock…that’s a conversation you can have with your financial adviser.

What you are going to discover today is…

The Stuff Marketing Dreams Are Made Of

This is capitalism at it’s best and as an entrepreneur you can profit greatly from the opportunities Facebook is affording to businesses today.

Dean Jackson and I recently conducted an I Love Marketing™ interview with two of the top Facebook marketing experts in the world, Perry Marshall and Thomas Meloche.  (These guys have just released a new book titled, Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising and I highly recommend you read it.)  What Perry & Tom reveal during this interview is invaluable to your business as you face a changing consumer and marketplace.

Even if you know nothing about using “paid for” advertising on the web, (i.e. Google Adwords) you could and should be using Facebook…Big or small you can make a lot of money on Facebook…and it’s not in the way you might have thought of “social media” in the past.

Hint:  It Has Nothing To Do With “Posting Updates”

Despite what you may have been told, you’re not going to make a significant amount of money by simply posting updates on Facebook.  For one thing…only about ¼ of your “audience” will even see your update in their feed.  The way Facebook works is people see the postings of the friends they interact the most with, so unless you are “interacting” with your clients through Facebook, your “status updates” will go unseen.  And most likely, the people who do get them will find an ad in their “feed” more of an annoyance than anything else. (Case in point:  People go to Facebook to escape…not think.)

If you want to use Facebook for take-it-to-the-bank, trackable, direct response marketing…then you need to take advantage of the paid advertising available through Facebook.  Perry & Tom share some really exciting stuff about this opportunity.  For starters, if you have used Google Adwords, forget everything you think you know about “pay per click” advertising when it comes to Facebook.  Perry says Facebook and Google are two very different “animals”, and he would know since he is also the author of the best selling book on the planet on how to successfully make money with Google Adwords.  As he puts it, with Google you are appealing your prospect’s “head” and with Facebook you appeal to their “heart”.

And that is what makes advertising on Facebook so special.  You can appeal to your client’s heart and passions.  So when they are looking at photos of grandma or of their BFF’S last vacation…you can be presenting them with a nice little “impression” (ad) off on the side of the page.  A message that is relevant to their likes…but not annoying…and you can do it for less than $2 dollars per day.  (According to these experts that’s a healthy ad budget for Facebook!)

The First Step You Need To Take To Unlock Facebook Profits…

I pressed these two for an “easy to implement” step for your business and here is the idea that could be worth thousands to your bottom line this year.

Take every opportunity to get your clients to “like” you on Facebook.  Okay, that might sound underwhelming, and maybe even cliché by now.  Most people already have “Like us on Facebook” plastered across their websites and ad copy.

But you need to take an active role in this. You or your technicians are in several of your client’s homes per day.  While you are in front of them, get them to log onto Facebook and “like” you.  Carry around an iPad and have them do it on there.  Offer them a discount or a coupon towards their next cleaning if they do.  Send out a campaign to your existing clients with an offer that gets them to give you those “likes”.

Getting those “likes” will build you a “list” of your clients that it used to take a team of market analysts months to compile.   And even then it wasn’t as comprehensive and your Facebook list will be.  You will have access to all the “commonalities” of your target client, access to their friends; you will know their likes and dislikes.  You can target and tailor your marketing messages to your audience…you will speak their “language” like never before.

It’s The New Frontier Of Marketing…

What’s really cool is “the good old days of Facebook” are happening right now.  And you can be a part of this revolution for mere pennies.  You really owe it to yourself and your business to master this type of Facebook advertising.  (According to Tom & Perry, 99 out of 100 people who try to advertise on Facebook fail miserably at it.)

And when you do “get” how to advertise on Facebook…not only will you make money with ads that cost you mere pennies per lead…but you will find it’s a game changer.  And game changers don’t come along every day.

Keep it E.L.F.™!


P.S. For more information on this subject, listen to my interview on episode 53, the one with Perry Marshall and Tom Meloche.



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Increase Productivity…Wake Up Everyday With Purpose…Make Things Happen! Here Is How You Can Make 2012 Your Best Year Ever…

Hello, it’s Joe Polish.  I want to take a minute and thank you for being a part of Piranha Marketing and wish you all the best in the coming year.  I hope your past year was a good one, and I really hope 2012 will be even better.  Today you’re going to be getting a few little “gems” that can put you (and keep you) on the path to a truly successful year and a truly E.L.F. business. (Easy, Lucrative and Fun!)

But before I go any further, I want to take a minute and tell you about the exciting happenings at Piranha Marketing this past year.

Piranha Marketing Stretches And Grows…

Many of you already know my hardworking, awesome team…Eunice, Gina, Miki, Victoria, Rachelle, Casey, and Lisa.  And I’ve recently brought back Tim Paulson to facilitate my Platinum 2.0 group and Kevin Donohue to help me grow my Genius Network Mastermind Group (a.k.a. “25K Group”) and run my local I Love Marketing Meetup Group. (More on that in a minute.)  And our newest additions to the team are Joel and Julie Cohen, 17-year veteran carpet cleaners and one of my original “success stories”…they’ve been helping me to update and restructure the marketing systems I offer specifically for the cleaning niche.

Piranha Marketing started out a decade and a half ago with Eunice and I sharing my systems with the cleaning industry but that path has led me on a journey that today allows me to influence thousands of people from all walks of life and industries to grow their businesses, skyrocket their income and improve their lives.

One of the most exciting developments at Piranha Marketing just marked its one-year anniversary….

Have You Heard About The “I Love Marketing ” Phenomenon?

It’s been about a year since I launched this free weekly podcast, along with “ninja marketer” Dean Jackson, called “I Love Marketing”.  You can download these podcasts on iTunes or directly from Dean and I have been having interesting conversations about successful marketing for over 15 years and now you can “listen in” on our conversations for the whopping cost of FREE.

Seriously though…these podcasts have quickly gained an international following of thousands of people from all industries.  Hundreds of people have written to us and told us the information we are providing through these podcasts has transformed their businesses already.  It’s “real-world” information you can listen to and “take to the bank”.

Also, because I’ve been interviewing brilliant people for almost two decades for my Genius Network, I have connected with literally hundreds of the top book authors, money-making gurus and most successful and brilliant businesses minds on the planet…that enables Dean and I to have some incredible guests on our I Love Marketing podcasts that share a wealth of knowledge with you and it’s all free for the taking.

And what’s been a really cool and unexpected result from “I Love Marketing” is the “Meetup” groups that have popped up…over 40 groups (and counting) in 5 countries.  (We even have one in China.)  These “meetup” groups give people from all kinds of industries the chance to share and grow in a mini “Mastermind” type setting…a live forum where everyone shares the common thread of Direct Response Marketing and the common goal of success.

So as you can see…even though I still specialize in the “cleaning niche” and offer a highly successful and newly updated for 2012 “Rich Cleaner System” to carpet cleaners, restorers, duct cleaners, and cleaning companies of all kinds, it’s not the only thing we do at Piranha anymore.

Through my new and improved Platinum 2.0 Membership program, my highest level “brain trust” 25K group and through I Love Marketing, we also help businesses “cross over” and learn from other industries…we help all kinds of business grow and push themselves to new limits… in ways they never could have imagined without the resources and opportunities they are finding through Piranha and I Love Marketing.

And that brings me around to the subject at hand…

Growth.  Possibilities.  Goals.  Productivity.

Especially with the “New Year”, most people find themselves reflecting on their businesses and wondering how they can take it to the “next level”.

My friend, Harvey King, from Vistage, a coaching program for CEO’s, recently shared these four steps to success with my team and me.  They are simple and straightforward…maybe it’s nothing you haven’t heard before but these basic ideas are something we all need to be reminded to focus on from time to time.

If you reflect on these four steps to success, I will share my “take” on them and show you how to use these ideas to propel you forward toward greater success in 2012…

1)    Identify Your Vision, Goal and/or Dream

2)    Create and Maintain A Positive mindset

3)    Make A Game Plan; Be Specific Day to Day,
Week to Week, Month to Month

4)    Monitor The Plan…Keep Yourself In Check!

Okay…let’s take it a step further and break down these four steps, starting with the first one…

Step #1:  Identify Your Vision…Goal…Dream… Define Your “Bigger Future.”

I’m what most people would call a success, right?  Self made millionaire, marketing guru to thousands, creator and facilitator of several high-level coaching memberships.  Known for “hob-knobbing” with celebrities like Paula Abdul and Sir Richard Branson…


If you recall, I was supposed to be a failure…I had no formal education…no stable family life…struggled with drug addiction at a young age…not exactly a recipe for success.

What kept me from going down the path to ultimate failure and disappointment?

I knew I had a “bigger future”.  And I didn’t let the “cards” that were “stacked against me” change that.   And I didn’t let the early failures of my carpet cleaning business change that.  I had a vision.  And I kept that vision at the forefront in my mind.  So that the journey to success even with all its ups and downs never changed my final destination….my “bigger future.”

I once heard it said, “A goal not written down is merely a wish.”  So turn your goals and dreams into something visual…grab a pen and paper and put your “bigger future” for 2012 on paper…and then keep that paper somewhere where you can see it often like on your refrigerator, in your office or even taped to the bathroom mirror so you look at it every time you brush your teeth.  The point is…make your goals and dreams into something tangible and keep them in front of you.

That brings me to the 2nd step toward success in 2012…

Step #2:  Keep A Positive Mindset. No Matter What Life Happens To Throw Your Way…

Sometimes this is easier said than done.  But it is so important.  No one is immune to the negativity, the stress, or the difficulties of life at times.  Whether it be in our personal or professional life…at times everyone faces major challenges.

For example, we happen to be living through the biggest recession the world has seen in decades…maybe even ever…how are you fairing? Are you allowing disappointments or perceived “failures” such as losing a home or being upside down in a mortgage to crush your dreams?   Is the stress of having a business that is “flat-lining” or a seeing a downward slide in your income “sidelining” you on your journey to your “bigger future”?  Ask yourself this question…

Are you going to let the past define your future?

To keep a positive mindset you need to really believe…the past does NOT equal the future. You have the tools and resources through Piranha Marketing, I Love Marketing and at to keep yourself in a positive mind set.  You have the power to put any disappointments aside and move forward with a fresh perspective, and a real “plan” to reach whatever goals, dreams and visions you have for your own “bigger future.”   You have the ability to reach out to any of the Members or staff at Piranha and face your challenges through the experience of others.

So, what makes some people able to push through barriers, real or imagined, and take their lives to heights beyond their goals and dreams?

Do you think the person that sits around griping about the economy and the sorry state of their lives….and then spends their days and nights “going through the motions” of life, never taking control of their “path” is ever going to reach their “bigger future”?  Most of those people don’t even realize they can have a “bigger future.”

It’s people who know exactly what they want and where they want to be…even if at first they don’t know how they are going to get there….

Those Are The People Who “Crack The Code” And Achieve Levels Of Success The Rest Of The Masses Can Only Dream About…

I know you don’t fall into the group of people who just let life “happen to them” or you wouldn’t even be receiving this letter from me.   I know you are a “doer” because at one point you decided that you weren’t going to just let life “happen” to you and you took action and did something to move forward toward success and you came into contact with me.

Sometimes journeys take unexpected twists and turns.  Sometimes there are highs and sometimes there are lows.  At times there are roadblocks and at other times the sky’s the limit.   If you have a “plan of attack” to make things “happen for you”…instead of just letting things “happen to you”…you will reach your “bigger future”.

And that leads us to step three in this formula…

Step #3:  Make A Game Plan…Be Specific Day-to-Day, Week to Week, Month to Month

You already have a “game plan” that you got from me and Piranha Marketing …Are you putting it to work for you?

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and find yourself with “paralysis by analysis.”  Especially when we are so overloaded with e-mails, Facebook, Google +, junk mail, bills, Apps, (the endless array of highly addicting “time suckers” like caring for virtual farms or making your next “Scrabble” move), and on top of it there are the daily tasks of “wearing all the hats” we must as entrepreneurs.

That’s where a good old-fashioned checklist can come in handy.  Create daily, weekly and monthly “to-do” lists.  Prioritize items on your lists by putting the tasks that move you closer to your goal as your “Major Outcome Achievements” (MOA).  And you only need to place one or two of these “MOA’s” on your to-do list a week if need be.  The point is you will be making progress toward your goals.

Create a weekly, monthly and yearly “marketing calendar”.  Years ago I started teaching my members the concept of “Marketing Mondays”.  Where I encourage people to block off some time every Monday for getting their marketing tasks for the week done.  Julie Cohen said that implementing that habit helped her and her husband to increase their business by 833% (Yes, that was eight HUNDRED and 33% in just 24 months.

There are dozens of digital Apps, tools and programs for creating and monitoring your “plan”.  Or you can use good old-fashioned pen and paper…and every entrepreneurs necessity…the sticky note.

Going right along with this subject, I highly recommend that you download and listen to the podcast Dean Jackson and I did called “the one about your annual marketing calendar.”  It’s episode #47 you can find it at or download it from iTunes.  As always, the information is killer but offered to you for free.  So take a listen while you’re working or driving around today.

This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about when I refer to “little hinges swinging big doors”  do these “little things” and open the door to your “bigger future.”

Step #4:  Monitor Your Plan…Keep Yourself In Check!

No matter how long you’ve been in business or how you are “doing” right now… You need to “keep yourself in check” and monitor your plan.  Why is this so important?

Well think about this…the world around you…and subsequently your consumer…is changing rapidly.   For example, we are witnessing the death of the “PC” (personal computer) and that means the way you communicate and “reach” your consumers and clients is going to be changing… or your savvier competition is going to put you out of business.  Plus, with the shift in the “new economy” your competition in general is rapidly increasing and competing heavily by price.

Being involved with Piranha Marketing can be your “life line” to survival in today’s business climate.

Just by reading this newsletter every time you receive it , using and putting into practice all the tools, resources and systems you receive from me you will be “keeping yourself” in check.

That’s also the beauty of my membership programs like Silver, Platinum 2.0 and 25K…it’s built in “insurance” that you will be “kept in check” and that you will always be on top of your “plan”.

Here is a simple exercise I’ve learned from all my years in participating in high level coaching clubs for entrepreneurs.  I teach it to my members when they attend my Bootcamps and Conferences…It goes something like this…

Take a minute and ask yourself three questions…

  • Where are you?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How do you plan to get there?

This exercise brings you into the present and helps you focus on the future.  If you ask yourself these three questions regularly…maybe even sit down on the first of every month and put the answers on paper…you will keep yourself “in check” and focused on your plan….and ultimately on your “bigger future.”

Now you have four easy steps to…

“Make Things Happen” For You In 2012

And “making things happen” is what it’s really all about when it comes to reaching your “bigger future.”  Even though I started out on the other side of success (that would be failing miserably) the point is I started doing something. Even in the beginning if I didn’t know what I was doing I at least did something.

My hope today is that this letter inspires you.  Before I close I want to leave you with this simple thought, “The best way to get started is to get started.”

Don’t let another day just “happen” to you…go into 2012 making things happen for you….be determined to stick with me and Piranha Marketing and I can help you reach your “bigger future” in 2012.



Joe Polish

Piranha Marketing, Inc.

P.S.  Be sure to keep a spot open on your calendar to attend my I Love Marketing event in Phoenix on October 3rd-6th, 2012…it is going to be my most KILLER event yet for helping you create you ideal E.L.F. business and lifestyle…details coming soon.

P.P.S.  In the spirit of “Marketing Mondays” look for a fresh money-making blogpost every Monday in 2012  – right here !

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New Ethical Services Updates And What This Means For The Cleaning Industry…

Many of you are proud members of Ethical Services and recently there have been some updates to the site that we think you’ll LOVE!

If you are not familiar with or don’t know what Ethical Services is, here is a little history…

Ethical Services was created back when Joe Polish was interviewed for ABC’s 20/20 investigation since he was the industry’s biggest “ATNI-Bait-n-Switch” advocate.

Ethical Services is the best place in the world for consumers to find an ethical Cleaning & Restoration company.

These updates are pretty cool so we created a short video to introduce you to them:

Please check it out and if you are NOT a member of Ethical Services, still watch the video and we’ll tell you how easy it is and WHY you should become an Ethical Services Provider today!

Gina DeLong & Victoria Braun
Ethical Services Administration
Piranha Marketing, Inc.
(800) 275-2643

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