Three of the most powerful words in advertising are “Free Recorded Message.”

A 24-hr Free Recorded Message listed in your ad gives you the opportunity to record your best sales pitch and have it delivered 24/7 to people who want to hear it. It’s really like having your best employee working 24 hours a day, for free, with no sick days and no “bad” days. It gives you the opportunity to share more information with potential clients so that when they are ready to contact your company they are calling to buy and not to ask “how much.”

From the prospect’s perspective a Free Recorded Message is non-threatening and it is not as intimidating as calling and talking to a live salesperson. So when an interested prospect sees a Free Recorded Message on an ad, in the yellow pages, on a business card, they will call for the information and educate themselves … and then sell themselves in the process. Your message does all the heavy lifting for you and you just wait to talk with those ready to buy.

You generally have a limited amount of time with a prospect in an ad – or a limited amount of space – so the Free Recorded Message gives a secondary reason for response and allows you more time to share more information. And this robotic marketing system can often cover the most common questions before they even contact you, which saves you from having the same Q&A sessions over and over again.

Utilizing marketing systems like these not only free up your time, but they deliver a strong marketing message to the right audience robotically so they create a constant conveyor belt of new business to you. It helps to transform your business into an ELF™ Business – easy, lucrative, and fun.

Don’t think a Free Recorded Message will work in YOUR business?  Want the secrets to doing it RIGHT?  Listen to this episode of www.ILoveMarketing.com.

By the way… you can advertise your Free Recorded Message on your business card, website, vehicle, letterhead, ads and flyers.  Or even on your Twitter page!  Check this out:

Hope you found this useful.

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Here are 6 quick tips to transform your van into a great marketing device.

First, watch this short video:

Now, here are some examples of van signage that generate sales:

Rich Cleaner Marketing Van Signage Selling Examples

The difference between a one dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill is the message on the paper. It is the same with all advertising pieces. Any piece from business cards to the side of your van has the potential to be something that generates no sales or tons of sales — it all depends on the message. Every carpet cleaner/restorer has a van, but very few people view them as anything more than a gas guzzler to get you from point A to point B. Rarely do cleaners/restorers drive around hoping to make a sale off the side of their van. Hope does not make sales. Good marketing makes sales. Here are six tips to turn your van into a powerful selling tool for your company.

1. Free recorded message

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